Premiere: Uakoz & Alex Lentini – “Isolated”

uakoz alex lentini

Andre Crom‘s transition from house into the world of techno has been fascinating to witness. Not only has Crom come into his own as an artist and DJ but his OFF Recordings has in the process reaped the rewards of his personal transformation. OFF’s next release is the Isolated EP from Italian duo Uakoz and Alex Lentini, a pair of rising stars who’ve released tracks on labels including Terminal M and Elevate. We’re excited to world premiere the title track, a seven-minute euphoria-inducing techno opus awash in beautiful beats, blips and bleeps. Check the premiere of “Isolated” below and delve into the five-track EP on April 4, which includes a remix of “Puzzling” by Crom.

Darren Ressler

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