Premiere: Ephemerals – “Everyday Killers” (The Allergies Remix)


In 2014 we had the pleasure of introducing Big Shot readers to London’s Ephemerals, a funk/soul outfit led by Franglo-American singer Wolfgang Valbrun and Hillman Mondegreen. They had just dropped their brilliant debut album, Nothing is Easy, featuring choice cuts like “Things (Part 1).” Ephemerals went on to do extensive touring and released an equally tantalizing follow-up full-length, Chasin Ghosts, in October 2015.

In February these funk phenoms return with “Everyday Killers,” a song that not only encapsulates their musical ethos but tackles the senseless murders we constantly read about in the news. Built around an acoustic guitar part in the vein of XTC’s “Dear God,” deep keyboards and a big beat, a sample asks the rhetorical question, “People kill each other everyday — and for what?”

We’re thrilled to world premiere a brilliant remix of “Everyday Killers”crafted by The Allergies, a pair of highly skilled Bristol beatmakers who are slated to drop their debut album this year. Their interpretation takes the song into a starker direction while keeping the song’s insightful lyrics and message in tact. This is music for your mind, body and soul.

Ephemerals’ “Everyday Killers” is out February 19 on Jalapeño Records. Check their Facebook for European tour dates taking place this month.

Darren Ressler

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