Premiere: District 78 feat. LACES – “Cardiocide”

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What exactly is “Cardiocide?” Sounds sinister, but is it a capital crime? Is it even on the books? For the most reliable information on the topic, we should probably turn to the originators of the term, dance group and production team District 78.

According to them, “Cardiocide is about what drives people to get into and stay in toxic relationships. Anyone who’s been in one can relate to it. In a way it’s the opposite of a love song because it’s about the decisions we make when we think we don’t deserve something better.”

So, you probably won’t get arrested for it, but it’s definitely something you want to avoid, unlike the single of the same name from the group’s upcoming album, Always Thumpin’, which is due out in 2016.

Chris Lightbody, Spencer Yaras, Jay Kim and Bob Steinmiller make up District 78, and if their sound seems familiar, you may have heard their music on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, ​FOX’s ​So You Think You Can Dance, NBC’s Parks and Recreation, or any of a number of other places. And if the female vocal on “Cardiocide” sounds equally familiar, you may have heard guest singer LACES (a.k.a. Jessie Polland/Charlotte Sometimes) on The Voice. But she and District 78 are together on this track, and for now, that’s really all you need to know.

Jim Allen

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