Premiere: Jamie Anderson & Owain K – “Just a Groove”

JamieAnderson_Owain K

Jamie Anderson and Owain K share several things with each other. In addition to having a Bristol background (by way of West London in Anderson’s case), their DJ skills are informed by an eclectic sensibility that encompasses everything from house to jazz and funk. And they happen to have a certain magic when they work together in the studio.

Anderson, who has been plying his trade since the early ’90s, makes his home in Berlin these days, from which he runs the Artform and Arthouse imprints, among other ventures, but he still finds time for collaborations with K. The latest fruit of the pair’s meeting of the minds is the Just Grooves EP. Over the course of its quartet of tracks, the duo covers tech-house, drum ‘n’ bass, deep house, Chicago flavors and more. The sleek, deep, bottom-heavy “Just a Groove,” with its dubby production moves and sinuous beats, makes for an attractive teaser for the rest of the four-tracker.

Go and check out the world premiere of the title track by hitting the play button right now.

Just Grooves is out October 16 on Dessous Recordings.

Jim Allen

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