Premiere: Bardia F – “Doing Alright”

Bardia F

Persian-American DJ/producer/Blue Orb Records owner Bardia Farhadian brings an international perspective to his amazing body of work. Having lived in Iran and Turkey, his present locale in San Francisco continues to inform and inspire his productions which have been released by a variety of labels including AudioGroove, Hooked, Infected and Muzik Groove. August 31 sees the release of his Doing Alright EP on Stacy Pullen’s acclaimed Blackflag Recordings, and we’re pumped to world premiere the title track.

“I knew Stacey from years past,” Farhadian explains. “I have opened for him about four times at different shows. At the BPM Festival in Mexico, we talked about a new track I was working on. I sent him ‘Doing Alright’ and his feedback was ‘Yeah, bro, bomb.’ Getting signed by Blackflag [has been the] highlight of my summer.”

Hit the play button below and allow this monstrous tech-house stormer to rock your world.

Darren Ressler

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