Premiere: Cio D’Or – “Perspective II”

Cio_D_Or Semantica Records

Since 2004 German electronic-music artist Cio D’Or has been unassumingly blazing sonic trails over the trajectory of various artist albums, EPs and remixes for labels including Prologue, Semantica, Telrae, Hypnus and Time to Express. The architect of an ever-evolving soundscape encompassing minimalism, techno and ambient, her second album, all in all, will be released on Svreca’s Semantica Records on May 18, 2015. The full-length is a career-defining moment for this wildly talented artist, one where she presents her latest selection of captivating ideas that are rooted in art, not fleeting musical trends.

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere “Perspective II” from all in all, an expansive, suspenseful and highly cinematic offering. Have a listen below, and be sure to Cio D’Or’s latest on double LP and EP, CD and digital.

Darren Ressler

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