Premiere: Listen to Len Leise’s “Seed of the Blushwood”


International Feel label boss Mark Barrott, who is known for helming Future Loop Foundation and pioneering ambient and jungle music, relishes in discovering music as much as he enjoys in producing it. A few years ago he stumbled upon a cassette tape of Len Leise’s Songs for Sunsets at the bottom of a bargain bin in a charity shop in Paris and instantly fell in love with Leise’s majestic synth-driven compositions. With no contact information on the self-released album, all that Barrott could ascertain was Leise’s nationality (he’s Australian) and that all eight songs were thematically centered the sun.

By the time Barrott tracked down Leise and made contact with him, Leise had destroyed the master recordings of Songs for Sunsets. But their union led to a connection and Leise — whose “Call of Kati Thanda” appears on Cut Copy Presents: Oceans Apart, a 19-track compendium showcasing Melbourne dance-music artists — went back into the studio and produced Music for Forests.

Inspired by sonic discoveries he made on a recent trip to the Ranges in Melbourne, Leise’s release for Barrot’s Balearic imprint is lush and deeply beautiful music. Listen to the world premiere of the instrumental “Seed of the Blushwood,” a song founded on delicate, twinkling synths, gentle percussion and deep, warm bass. We  guaranteed it’ll soothe the most tortured soul.

Len Leise’s Music For Forests is released via International Feel on December 8, 2014.

Darren Ressler

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