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Shermanology Hot Creations

This month siblings Shermanology — Andy Sherman and Dorothy Sherman — made their stunning debut on Hot Creations by way of their Bon Bini EP. Hailing from the Dutch-Caribbean island of Curaçao and based in Amsterdam, the title of their three-track release means welcome in Papiamentu. (Fun fact: their father is singer extraordinaire Tony Sherman.)

The Shermans have been building their infectious house signature since 2009. To date, they have released on Rawthentic, Armada and Dirtybird, along the way collaborating with The Martinez Brothers.

With their latest release now in the books, we checked in with the Shermans to find out what they’re listening to.

1. Let It Go – Nightfunk
This track has the perfect balance between the underground feel but still has a vocal that carries you through the whole track. The bassline and kick are so heavy, and I know for sure this is going to sound amazing in the club. I think “Nightfunk” has such a fresh sound.

2. Shermanology – Bon Bini
This track is the most fun record of our career. We always wanted to do something in our own language, Papiamentu, and when we did it just felt so good. We dedicated this song to a friend who passed away this year; it gives it even bigger emotional value for us. Hope we get the opportunity to do more records like this. Outside the box without any rules.

3. Dennis Quin feat. Tony Sherman – Change
It’s just awesome to hear your Dad on a house record. Dennis is a good friend of ours, and we gave him this vocal we had from Dad. I think the production has such a classic feel to it but still really up to date. Think it’s time for a Shermanology featuring Tony Sherman soon.

4. Matthias Tanzmann – Bulldozer (2020 Remix)
This one goes out to all my producer nerds. The mix of this track is insane and it sounds so good on every system. The stabbing and unexpected bassline are what do it for me. The production is really solid and has so many little surprise elements that it sounds like ear candy to me. Well done, Mr. Tanzmann.

5. Dennis Cruz – El Puma
One of my favorite producers at the moment. The way Dennis implements his edgy drums in this is just insane. Sounds like African drums. Not overproduced, minimal, but so effective. Keep em coming, Dennis.

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