Jaguar Recalls Last DJ Set Before COVID-19 Lockdown

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Next up in our Last DJ Set series, where we’re talking to a wide range of DJs about their final gig before government-ordered lockdowns and travel bans went into effect in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is London-based Jaguar.

We spoke with the fast-rising DJ talent and BBC Radio 1 presenter about her final set before lockdown and found out what she’s been up to over the past few months.

When and where was your last DJ gig?

Jaguar: It was in March. I opened the Press Hall’s main room of Printworks for Annie Mac Presents. It was one of the most powerful sound systems I’ve ever played on, and I loved it!

How did it go?

Printworks is one of my favorite clubs in London and it was an honor to play there! Loads of my mates came down to see me play, and we ended up staying right until the end, catching sets from Adelphi Music Factory, Disclosure and DJ Seinfeld. This was just before lockdown and we definitely went out with a bang!

What was your mindset going into it? Where had you played previously?

I had to bear in mind the fact that I was playing on a big sound system, but also opening the night. So I took my time building things up gradually, creating a warm mood with some groove-driven house and disco. A few weeks before that I had played a Keep Hush set in Dalston and Yellow Arch Studios in Sheffield.

Did any tracks, in particular, go over especially well during that gig?

Kelly Lee Owens’ “Melt!”

Moi Renne’s “Miss Honey” (Victor von Dunt Edit) and ABSOLUTE.’s “Get Off The Floor.”

What is your best memory from that gig?

Being at the bar with DJ/producer Sam Girling, and then watching him sprint to the front of the DJ booth as he heard Annie Mac play his new tune! Never seen anyone run so fast in my life [laughs].

Everyone can’t wait for clubs and festivals to begin again. What do you miss most about DJing? How are you keeping your skills sharp?

I miss the energy from crowds — it completely fuels you, and they dictate what you play! You’re entertaining a live audience, and that is such a special feeling. I’ve been recording live streams for He.She.They and Snowbombing, as well as launching my own club night, Utopia, online.

A lot of DJs have been doing live streams and working on tracks. What have you been working on during the lockdown? How can fans support you right now?

My main focus has been making my new BBC Radio 1 show Introducing Dance the number one destination to hear new U.K. dance music. I’m constantly on the hunt for new underground gems to showcase to the world on Sunday nights. I’ve also been writing a lot more on my website and for Gay Times. Finally, I’ve been growing and engaging with my WhatsApp group community full of up-and-coming producers and DJs. I’m always discovering new music there, and we talk every day, which I love!

Any last words on your last gig?

I was surrounded by great tunes and the people I love. The perfect night! I can’t wait to be back in a club again.

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