2018 Rewind: Forriner


How was 2018 for you?

Lee Forster and Oli Warriner: 2018 has been a decent year for us so far. We got our label, Forriner Music, off the ground and have just released our third record on it. We’ve also just been asked by the excellent Alfresco Festival to host our own stage next year which will be Forriner Music presents Chida, Kuniyuki (live), Forriner, and Darma. We’re very excited about it.


Playing this year’s Alfresco to a packed tent with lots of our friends there during a crazy thunder and lightning storm was amazing, if not a little scary at times. Our set actually got cut short a little bit early due to there being this storm, but I think we still managed to play a good 2.5 hours which we both enjoyed massively!


Brexit! It’s not music related but if you ask anyone (British) who’s remotely involved in this scene they will tell you how diabolical they think Brexit is about to turn out and affect them for the worse! Meh!

Song of the year?

Modxi’s Amalgam (Not An Animal), who people might or might not be aware is Maxxi Soundsystem alongside his dad on sax! We’ve been hammering this for ages after Chris Stoker from Not An Animal passed it to us in the summer. It’s such a great record as are all of the mixes (Frank Butters and Roman Flügel). Think it’s just about to hit the shops now if it hasn’t already.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Just be sound and stop eating animals.


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