2017 Rewind: Fabrizio Rat

Fabrizio Rat

How was 2017 for you?
Fabrizio Rat: Really amazing year. Things went so fast. I am touring a lot with my live set, which is quite ‘young’ — a year and a half since the first time I did it — and I love it so much. I met such great people, promoters, technicians, and clubbers on the way and have really enjoyed not only to play for them, but also the time we spent together. In my life I have really been experiencing a lot of different environments, but for me clubs (good ones) are the places where you can enjoy the musical experience at its greatest: the power of the sound, the hypnotic nature of the music and the darkness.

Well, it is difficult to choose because every time I have to play alone is really special. My show requires a special state of mind, a sort of total technical control to assure the patterns I play with my right hand and the mixing of the machines with the left one. At the same time I must be able to lose control, be open to surprises, and get lost into unexpected musical moments which might occur.

Sometimes I get hypnotized by the music and reach a sort of state of trance. Everything is easy then, I just have to follow the musical flux and everything would go as if I wasn’t really me taking decisions but music itself. I guess this is the highlight for me — that sort of feeling that music flows carried by the energy of the people and by some sort of strange feeling which I cannot really explain.

To hear that Twin Peaks won’t be continued … but who knows.

Song of the year?
Ø [Phase] – “Submerged Metropolitan”

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Buy a strobe for my bedroom and to fall asleep. New music dedicated to Sicilian minor islands.

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Image by Philippe Levy

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