2017 Rewind: Timid Boy

timid boy

How was 2017 for you?
Timid Boy: Crazy year with so many gigs in new cities like Buenos Aires, Chicago, Guadalajara, Playa del Carmen, Moscow … which means, besides the gigs and parties, meeting new people, discover new cultures … that’s one of the reason why I love this job.

Buenos Aires. I played two times this year for ZEF, which is the best Sunday night party there. I could present this party speaking about the face of the promoters: the Festa Bro, Lemonade, Alfon and the others — big smile, big love and friendly vibes. They’re professionals who do a quality job and are funny, crazy, and lovely. That’s them, that’s their audience (so packed for a Sunday night), that’s ZEF and that’s also for a lot of aspects Buenos Aires. I fell in love with Buenos Aires the first time I arrived in town. I could say the same for all the towns where I play in Argentina. Bar Del Mar with CutOff’s crew in Rosario was amazing; full of love and passionate people. Cordoba with Nelson Rezzonico, Sergio Saffe and Martin Huergo (great DJs) is another of my favorite town to play in the world.

I played also for the first time in Montevideo in Uruguay for the key Producciones. Wow. Big B-Day event with several thousand people organized by a nice and professional team. Can’t wait to play again for these guys.

I should mention also Moscow where I played the amazing Gazgolder, hosted by one of the best DJs I’ve heard this year — the lovely bear Mike Spirit!

Listen: Big Shot Guest Mix: Timid Boy

Bar Americas at Guadalajara (Mexico) was unique: Arrival at 00am on a Thursday night the venue was full, the vibe was crazy, so much good energy. All the club was dancing and smiling. The resident DJ Zhino Hino is very good, and the boss, Ramon, is a lovely bear who make such a great job with his club.

I can say more, but I will just mention Chicago which was so great. It’s such an important town for house music. Harry Peru from Spy Bar (thanks Alan Nieves for making the connection) made a really nice warehouse and hosted me for some lovely days in his Latin community. A very intense memory.

More gigs, more popularity means also more fake adventures. Some promoters just come to this music because it’s trendy and they think they can make money. First, it’s wrong. If you wanna make money, electronic indie music is not the best investment. Secondly, their way of working is so disrespectful and not professional at all. It’s not a big deal. There will be always people like them, but I wish they’d get out of the way of our passion.

Song of the year?
“Glue” from Bicep. Perfect hit. The entire album from Bicep is perfect. Such a long time I did not listen and play track like this. I guess the breakbeat and old-school vibes affected me. It reminded me of my early days. But the way they do it in 2017 is impressively good.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? 
Answer interview [questions] on time.

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