2017 Rewind: Prayers


How was 2017 for you?
Leafar Seyer of Prayers: Difficult and beautiful. I lost so much yet I gained so much from it. I’ve reconnected with my daughter who I hadn’t spoken to in over four years. Things are not like they used to be between us and they may never be, but we’ve put our differences aside and that’s a good start. I lost two of my closest spirit brothers to suicide both on the same month. Losing them made touring painful and it’s one of the main reasons why I allowed my daughter back into my life. I miss you, Boot Boy. I miss you, Hollywood. May you both resting in peace. Forgive to be forgiven! Made so many arduous decisions that led to our success and for that reason I like the magician that I am! Have turned the difficult into the beautiful.

Not going to jail!

Not being able to attend Boot Boys’ funeral and getting in a fight at Hollywood’s funeral.

Song of the year?
“Why Did You Separate Me From the Earth” by ANOHNI


Yehouda Silverman

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