2017 Rewind: Steve Cobby


How was 2017 for you?
Steve Cobby: Excellent. Super busy with Déclassé releases: 20th anniversary Solid Doctor box set in March, second Cobby & Litten LP in the summer, and my third self-titled solo LP Hemidemisemiquaver in October. The latter blowing up unlike any previous release on my wee cottage industry imprint.

All the above plus curating five nights spread over the year to celebrate my hometowns year as City Of Culture. I invited only brethren I’ve connected with over the years as a nod to 25+ years in the game. Steve Mallinder, Ashley Beedle, Mr Scruff, Darren Emerson and Richard Dorfmeister being the guests of honor with a fine supporting cast. Outstanding evenings that it was a pleasure to be part of.

Also Cobby & Litten being invited by John Grant to perform at his Atlantic Flux mini festival in a beautiful old church in Hull in April was an honor.

Another life-affirming moment was getting invited to warm up and perform at the Jeremy Corbyn rally in Hull just before the general election and writing and performing a tune for the occasion “For The Many” with Russ Litten.

My fourth trip to Japan in June. A country I have a deep love of.

Lunatics still in charge of the asylum.

Song of the year?
Easy On The Thieves’ “This Is The Kit”

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
More resolve.

Darren Ressler

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