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German DJ/producer Samuel Kindermann (a.k.a. Einmusik) has embraced an inclusive musical stance ever since he began cajoling dance floors in the booth and hand-crafting music that gives clubbers something for their mind, body and soul.

To wit, his signature has continually evolved by incorporating elements of deep, techy house, melodic electronica and shards of techno into a heart-warming sound.

His eclectic, forward-thinking ethos is embedded on each track found on his recently released album, Serenade, released on his Berlin-based Einmusika Recordings. Divided into two sections — Movement 1 and Movement 2 — Kindermann hones a breathtaking, heart-warming expedition that touches the face of the cosmos.

As Kindermann winds down another artistically productive year, he shares five tracks currently dominating his DJ sets.

Stephan Bodzin – Powers of Ten (Maceo Plex & Shall Ocin Remix)
This remix makes me smile; it’s such a beauty. Outstanding output, which is typical from Stephan, while Maceo Plex shows us again his versatile production skills combined in these fragile soundscapes. It has an amazing groove, perfectly placed elements, and a well-balanced arrangement. Still one of my faves.

Noir & Olivier Giacomotto feat. Hendrik Burkhard – Blackrays (Peter Pardeike Remix)
One of the strongest productions in 2017 and always a peak moment in my DJ sets. Super powerful elements already in the original and combined with this extra punch and vocoder madness from Pardeike this song becomes mind-blowing. Great work and a hypnotizing composition.

Einmusik – Biscarrosse
This song from my new album means a lot for me. It was a big highlight in my live shows over the summer season. Although the audience couldn’t know this unreleased song at that time, they totally felt the spirit and passion behind it. When I was 16 years old I spent a long time in this French city at the Atlantic Ocean and learned surfing. I really had an amazing time and all the melodies in “Biscarrosse” remind me to the state of mind that I had.

Sébastien Léger – La Dance Du Scorpion
I’m super happy that Sébastien found his way to my label and with this stunning original — he delivered a masterpiece. At a lot of parties people go totally crazy for this track. It’s still having such a great energy and with this portion of happy/sadness it’s always mesmerizing me.

Björk – The Gate
Since my youth I’m a huge fan of her work and with this single she’s showing again her importance in our music scene. This song brings so much true love and totally breaks with our listening habits. Additionally, it’s great to see that guys like Arca are still close with her and give this future classic some extra magic. Björk is still boss.

Darren Ressler

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