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Doorly continues to march to his own beat. Back in November we told you that the inimitable DJ/producer added label head to his resumé by launching Reptile Dysfunction, a new imprint and event series, serving as a platform for his “weirder and more leftfield productions” and emerging talent.

Since issuing the label’s debut effort, “Tonga Peak Times (Confuse Dem)” featuring vocals from The Streets’ Mike Skinner, Doorly dropped Brassphemy EP on Cajmere’s Cajual Records in March. In April Reptile Dysfunction presented EP1, a dynamic collabo between Doorly and El Prevost featuring a hot remix from Hot Creations label boss Lee Foss.

Currently halfway through a global DJ tour (see full tour dates at the bottom of this post), the one-named maestro took a few moments out of his international jaunt to tell us about five fresh heavy-hitters currently dominating his DJ sets.

Artwork – “Let Go Of My Acid”
Arthur might be the greatest man alive, and responsible for so many huge records and acts from behind the scenes, but this EP on Jackmaster’s label (Numbers) could quite well be his defining moment individually, and nobody deserves it more. This EP is actually scary what it does to a dance floor; the B-side is fire as well!

Fatima Yamaha – “Araya”
Just like all his stuff this track is stunning! It’s been released on Dekmantel’s label and it’s just a really musically melodic track that works on any dance floor.

Lemmy Ashton – “Silver Suitcase”
Longtime Bugged Out resident and lovely chap Lemmy has just released this beast on his own label. It’s only his second EP and it’s amazing. The first one was wicked. Great to see a tried and tested selector finally releasing music as you know once he has the technical side of things in production sorted he knows what works in a club!

Sacha Robotti – “Low Key Goddess”
In this era of boring tech-house with no melody ruling things it’s so nice when tracks like these come along. This track has super melodic and momentous builds but then it comes and whacks you in the face with a big bassline and works on even the shuffliest of UK dance floors!

Trooko – True To Myself (Doorly Remix)
So proud of this kid I’ve signed to my label. He has an incredible future ahead of him, and I had a lot of fun remixing his first EP. This one will never leave my sets.


Darren Ressler

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