Matthias Tanzmann 5 Tracks of the Moment

Matthias Tanzmann

Moon Harbour boss Matthias Tanzmann, who’s still riding high on the success of his acclaimed 2016 album Momentum, has had a busy first quarter of 2017.

Among his numerous DJ and production exploits, he hit the road in February with pals Martin Buttrich and Davide Squillace on their Better Lost Than Stupid tour.

Last week he touched down in Miami to DJ at Resistance at Ultra Music Festival (watch his set here) and a showcase at Heart Nightclub along with Buttrich, D’Julz and Mathias Kaden.

On top of all that Moon Harbour will release its 100th release, by way of Danish house duo Anëk’s Rebellion EP, on April 19, featuring Matthias Tanzmann, Luna City Express and more.

Before Tanzmann touched down in America, he shared his five tracks of the moment with us.

Better Lost Than Stupid – “Dynamite”
The first track ever from Davide Squillace, Martin Buttrich and myself. It can be downloaded for free here.

Russ Yallop, wAFF – “Snakecharmer” (Snatch! Records)
Huge tune with a very unexpected break. Always works on the dance floor.

Kreature – “This Way” (Mark Jenkyns Remix) (Resonance Records)
Great remix by Mark Jenkyns, who has been on top of his game for quite a while now.

waFF – “Wormhole” (Butch’s Earworm Remix) (Moon Harbour)
This finally came out last week. A few select DJs have been creating a huge buzz over the last months playing it upfront.

Emanuel Satie – “Voodoo” (Saved)
The follow-up to Emanuel’s biggest hit on Saved last year.

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