Moonbootica Look Back on 15 Years of Moonbootique


Moonbootica — the Hamburg house twosome composed of KoweSix (Oliver Kowalski) and Tobitob (Tobias Schmidt)  — is currently taking a well deserved victory lap as their Moonbootique label is celebrating 15 amazing years. During this time they’ve given a leg up to a lengthy list of rising production talent including Malente, Tube & Berger and Stereofunk. The pair have also used the imprint as a platform for their own releases, which has helped them maintain control of their floor-rocking tracks. Their independent mindset has also allowed them to stay true to their musical mission in the face of so many fleeting trends and fads.

On 15 Golden Years of Moonbootique long-time protégé Ante Perry mixes up a celebratory double album of tracks and remixes from the label’s past and present. We caught up with KoweSix and Tobitob and asked them to reflect on the label’s past and future.

Why did you both want to start a label in the first place?
In the beginning we had this idea of creating a whole independent system of producing and releasing music as well as playing music on our own parties. It was a damn lot of work but also a lot of fun!

What were the early days of running Moonbootique like?
The whole thing was totally naïve. I’m seriously starting to sweat when I remember some things. But I guess that’s how you learn. We made every mistake you can make but somehow we made it this far and that is really something we can be proud of.

Which artists are most proud of nurturing? 
Ante Perry, for instance. He is a great guy and we love his vibe. Some of the early guys like Stereofunk and Malente are not releasing on Moonbootique right now, because it doesn’t really fit. We are still friends and they are amazing artists. Family, really.

Most satisfying creative moment as a label owner?
Holding the first record in your hands. That’s been the best. By the way, I had to carry the damn thousand copies up to the fifth floor because the delivery man wouldn’t so I was kind of worn out when I finally had that first record in my hand.

What’s the most commercially successful record to date?
Probably Moonbootica’s “We 1,2 Rock.” Think we sold more than 10,000 vinyl copies!

The moment you knew the label would be a success?
Can’t really say but the “We 1,2 Rock” record was the fifth release and that was in early 2004. Good times!

What’s been your biggest personal learning?
It’s all about staying real, taking chances and working a lot!

Which is the record that got away from the label?
Digitalism “Zdarlight.” Digitalism are good friends so it was no problem when they decided to go with Kitsuné. In the end, it was the better decision.

The music industry has changed dramatically over the past 15 years — discuss!
Well, this is a topic for an entire evening. It all has changed dramatically. The Internet has changed everything. We don’t care about most of the changes but the fact that art in general has lost a lot of appreciation is very sad!

Goal for the next 15 years?
That’s pretty easy: To keep doing what we do because that’s what we love most!

Darren Ressler

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