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Although acid house recently lost one of its founding fathers with the passing of Phuture’s DJ Spank-Spank, the genre continues to thrive. DJ/producer/Lauter Unfug co-founder Riven (a.k.a Thierry Loesch), who has released tracks on Cubism, Habitat Music, LoudDJs and My Favourite Freaks, added a new wrinkle to the style’s tattered fabric last month when he dropped the squelchy Acid Break EP brandishing loads of raw 707s and 909s.

When we noticed Riven had tapped Chicago house legend Tyree Cooper — he was in the Windy City when house music was it its infancy and later went on to gain notoriety for countess hip-house releases and assorted jackin’ tracks — to remix “Acid Break,” we asked them to connect for an exclusive chat. Having developed a rapport from playing several times together, they interviewed each other about the past, present and future.

Riven Interviews Tyree Cooper

Why did you agree to do the “Acid Break” remix in the first place?
I like to give back to my community when I can.

What was your release before the “Acid Break”?
I believe it would be “Da Soul Revival Classics Vol 1” on Chicago Vinyl Records.

Any particular machines you used during the process?
Not really, whatever works….

What upcoming releases do you have? I can’t wait to hear another tune with your voice on it!
I have quite a few releases that will be coming out shortly — “Tyree-Hardcore Hip House,” “Tyree feat. Pure G O D-Back Home,” “Tyree-I Want It Now, Da Soul Revival Vol.4” — plus more back catalog stuff, new hip-house stuff and some of my friends’ stuff like Lidell Townsell, Omni AM, etc.

What year was your very first release?

I hear you live in Berlin now. What brought you there?
Yes, I do live in Berlin and have been since 2000. It was because of the parties and the scene before the boom.

Did you know that your voice is on the most played track ever in Berghain? I just read that somewhere lately — it’s the Sandwell District remix of your collaboration with Ben Sims [“I Feel It Deep”].
I did not know that.

Tyree Cooper Interviews Riven

When did you know you wanted to be a DJ?
When I young, I had a very particular taste in music. I was listening to underground rock, disco music and a lot of ’80s. People my age did not listen to this music and at the age of 16, I asked myself, Why not become a DJ and make them listen?

How did you know you wanted to produce house music?
I really like to travel and to get around in the world a bit and I figured if you want to get booked abroad, you most likely need to become a producer.

Where was the first party you played?
The first party I played was in a small corner bar in the old city of Luxembourg. I formed a DJ duo with a friend and we played mostly commercial stuff.

Why did you want me to remix your track?
Well, you are kind of a legend in underground house music. Who would not want a remix?

Have you ever played in Berlin?
Yes, a few times. I played at Tresor, Ritter Butzke recently. I traveled there with the label (Lauter Unfug) to play at Kosmonaut and Cosmic Kaspar.

What did you think when you first heard house music?
I actually did not like it that much. I’ve been a fan of Dr. Alban, Donna Summer and Faithless but did not really look to get into it. When I started studying in Brussels in 2008, I got properly introduced to the genre and since then there’s been no way back.

How old where you when you first heard acid music?
Well, as mentioned before, I’ve been a fan of Dr. Alban since a very young age and who can’t remember the massive 303 line on “It´s My Life.”? At that time, I did not notice the particularity of the synth; I just found it really appealing. A bit later, at the age of 20, I started to learn about synthesizers, drum computers and everything that goes with the music.

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