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In little more than a year Kevin Over released his well-received Face Off EP, joined the mobilee crew and played at one of their showcases at Watergate in Berlin in March, and has subsequently been traipasing all over Europe with DJ bookings in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain.

Over, who has cut tracks for labels including Truesoul, Get Physical, Noir and VIVa MUSiC, continues to forge new productions, with his latest, the three-track Dakota EP, while studying in Essen, Germany. We checked in with the emerging star to find out which tracks are in heavy rotation.

Subb-An – “Feel for You”
This track shows off what rhythm composing is all about. It just seems to be a simple track, but the way the layers of the groove are built are complex in a way. Anyway, it’s a hell of a groove.

Modeler – “Indirect”
Another tool which means massive fun to play around with. Nothing more to say.

Andrade – Can’t You Hear It
This one is the kind of house track that I love — dirty, rough treatment to the groove and a crazy hypnotic melody driving people crazy on the floor.

Swayzak – “Lo9ve Boat”
Finally a new release by Swayzak, but wait … it’s just an ‘unreleased session mix from July 1997.’ Even more stunned when I listened to this beauty for the first time now. Still sounding so relevant and fresh.

Unknown Artist – #FF0266B
One of these special records for special moments. An obviously cheesy sample in the back and a very offense 808 beat in the front. Simple, clever and brave.

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