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Texas via Australia technocrat Barbuto has been coming on strong with his unique style of dark techno. A resident at Kingdom Nightclub in Austin, he’s been forging tracks over the past eight years in his handcrafted studio built out of a 36-foot trailer.

Barbuto recently released his Vantablack EP, a dazzling three-track effort on Sian’s Octopus Recordings whose title track brandishes a sinister remix from Enrico Sangiuliano. We talked to the rising star about five fresh records on his radar.

1. Sian – “Information”
I heard the first stages of this track in production, and I was anxiously awaiting its release since that first listen! It’s out now on Octopus Recordings by the label’s head honcho Sian, and it’s a go-to for me. I like to start a set with this track as it will reset the crowd regardless of who or what was playing before you and Sian’s trademark low-end will get everyone’s attention. The flip side of the release is a monster, too!

2. Pleasurekraft – “Defiler”
This tune is a super groover out on Nicole Moudaber’s Mood imprint with huge dramatic synth stabs that will rock a dance floor with a dark edge but at the same time it’s ridiculously fun. Pleasurekraft has been on top for years. What he has been doing over the last year has him in my sets most of the time with very sophisticated sound design but appealing to a wide audience.

3. Barbuto – “Vantablack” (Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)
I want to throw this track in my top 5 because I am so proud that techno’s man of the hour took my original sound design and put a mature modern but old-school classic rave vibe on top. It doesn’t sound like anything coming out today but it fits in perfectly in any high energy peak time dance set. It’s been in the playlists of Umek and Spektre recently also.

4. K.A.L.I.L – “Maskerade”
This is a showstopper that will rock and wobble the entire party with incredible low-end processing and sci-fi synth lines. Electric Ballroom has great palette for dark, fun bass-driven techno, and this tune is one of their best examples. It starts off with a common sort of bouncy riff but quickly turns into a wild ride like Star Wars meets The Fast and the Furious!

5. Kostas Maskalides – “Did You Call Me?”
Last, but not least, is “Did You Call Me?” by the amazing high-energy Greek DJ Kostas Maskalides on Funk’n Deep. This tune sports a wicked catchy vocal tuned to a dark sexy frequency that will hook in anyone on top of a razor-sharp groove with funky percussion driving it the entire way. Kostas is one of my top 10 producers. His tracks are in all my sets and a perfect example of what gets techno crowds jumping in the air!

Darren Ressler

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