Niko Schwind 5 Tracks of the Moment

Niko Schwind

Berlin DJ/producer Niko Schwind and Stil Vor Talent label boss/music maker Oliver Koletzki have been making beautiful music for the dance floor together for quite some time now. After a selection of well-received releases, the pair unveiled a new live project. It arrives in synchronicity with the release of their Black Walls EP, a bombastic three-track affair brandishing a heady title track remix crafted by Reinier Zonneveld.

We caught up with Schwind and asked him to school us on some of the songs he’s been rocking in his sets. He was happy to fill us in on five of his current favorites.

Slam – “Make You Move” (Soma)
What I like about the track is that it is reduced to only the necessary elements and nonetheless never gets boring — the hypnotic vocal and the arrangement make it work so well. Perfect for long club nights.

Alberto Ruiz – “Ultra” (Relief)
A strong groove and many playful elements make this track so lively. I particularly bought the track for its percussive hook – the sound is genius.

Reinier Zonneveld – “Sharp Bust” (Stil vor Talent)

This is one of the best discoveries of recent times. Although I already knew Reinier’s work from releases on Trapez, this track is stronger than all of them in my eyes. Next to the mighty beat, the lead sound of “Sharp Bust” is exceptional and very catchy.

Smash TV – “LFO My Ass” (Katermukke)
I’ve always been a big fan of Smash TV, because they are so incredibly versatile in their output. I like this track’s trippy, slightly crazy vibe.

Chris Count – “Commando 78” (Intec Digital)
I stumbled across this track by Chris Count by chance. I used to buy lots of stuff from Intec in the past, so I was curious to see what they are releasing these days. I wasn’t disappointed. Even though the track is a little bit older, I currently play it in all of my sets.

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