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Last September Fran Zaragoza unleashed his The King Stay The King EP on Depaart, a scorching tech-house affair overflowing with infectious melodies and deep basslines. The Madrid phenom returns to Depaart on February 29 with the Tigers of Wood EP. Full of tense and techy productions, he gets by on the EP with a little help from his friends: Daniel Moncloa, who plays bass in Spanish indie-rock band Bultur, delivers a striking vocal performance on the title track; Easy Kid lends his majestic touch on “Mindscape” and good friend Moliner contributes a simmering remix of “Tigers of Wood.” Before the release of his new EP we checked in with the Madrid mixer and asked him to share some of his current favorite tracks.

Mihai Popoviciu – “The Swindle”
I’m a big fan of Mr. Popoviciu. I’ve just started following him two or three years ago and all his productions have something special and unique. This one is the bomb, especially the vocals that are mixed with a deep, rhythmic and powerful bassline.

The Revenge – “Strings of Fife”
This is an awesome deep melodic techno track. I didn’t know The Revenge before this track, and it was definitely a pleasant find. Concretely, “Strings of Fife” is the perfect combination between bassline and simple, but perfect strings. Less is more.

Moliner – “Second Chance”
Yes, he is my label mate, sometimes my production buddy, and a very good friend. Whatever the case, he’s still one of my favorite producers. When I thought he couldn’t make something better than “SN437,” he came out with “Second Chance.” Brilliant!

Rampa – “Newborn Soul”
Keinemusik is the label of the moment. Different music, doors to creativity open. Definitely I love those guys, and it is difficult to choose one track, but “Newborn Soul” is just awesome. A real masterpiece!

Dense & Pika – “Colt” (George FitzGerald Remix)
I don’t believe in remixing classics in electronic music. But George FitzGerald got it right. It’s an amazing remix, probably better than the original track. It’s much deeper and more rhythmic, an incredible techno hymn in my opinion.

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