Dan Curtin’s 5 Tracks of the Moment

Dan Curtin

Rising from the Midwest techno scene in the ’90s and evolving his sound through early releases for Peacefrog, Strictly Rhythm, Sublime and Soma, Berlin-based techno troubadour Dan Curtin continues to push his artistry in eye-opening directions. Fresh from remixing D-Knox’s “Out There” last summer for EPM Music (which is currently celebrating its 15th year), the Cleveland, Ohio-bred/Berlin-based Curtin reconnects with the London imprint for his Galaxies Merging EP featuring a trio of sublime gems with a twist. We caught up with the prolific technocrat/head honcho at Metamorphic Recordings and asked him about five songs he’s currently living for. He describes the follow tracks as “five mind-tripping techno tracks of the moment that do mental and physical damage.”

Dan Curtin’s Galaxies Merging EP is released February 22 on EPM Music.

1. Terrence Dixon presents Population One – “Temporary Insanity” (Out-er)
I’ve been a lifelong fan of Terrence Dixon, and the reason is because his music is simply no joke. As his fellow Detroiter J Dilla said, “That real live shit.” Terrence brings the relentless drive and groove to his latest, “Temporary Insanity,” and it kills.

2. Cochise – “Radon” (Mark Broom Dubplate Edit) (GND Records)
Both Cochise and GND records are relatively new on the scene but these producers and this label have been consistently putting out hot record after hot record. Radon, with the help of Mark Broom on the remix, also brings that relentlessness that I love to have with my techno. Not only does this track destroy but it does it coming from a fresh perspective — techno has to have this quality or it’s just “something like techno.”

3. Myles Serge – “Syntax Error” (Metamorphic)
Myles, the newest artist to appear on Metamorphic, joins us from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The title cut is naturally heavily informed by Detroit. This track kind of grabs you and pulls you along from the beginning. The pull gets stronger, and before you even realize what’s happened, it’s taken you up to full impact. In my sets it has had devastating results.

4. Ge-Ology – “Moon Circuitry” (Sound Signature)
Just gotta say damn. This kind of instrumentation simply isn’t heard in techno. And it’s perfect. Techno in the purest form, a direct emotion to machine to universe transmission — with soul.

5. Yaleesa Hall – “Fourth Perrin” (Will & Ink)
Thick, dark, warm and very unique production sound here. Like all the artists that I’m into she is consistent with an original style over all her tracks and releases. You can feel the wide open creativity in all her tracks. In “Fourth Perrin” she brings one of the dopest synth lines I’ve heard, floating over relentless hard, groove heavy and flowing beats.

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