Dave Angel’s 5 Tracks of the Moment


Techno titan Dave Angel hails from London, but his modus operandi has always been in lockstep with the futuristic sound of Detroit. Earlier this month Angel unveiled two fiery tracks for John Digweed’s Bedrock Records, “Scorpion” and “Orion,” which arrive after issuing “Progress” / “Stand Strong” on Digger’s lauded imprint and the brilliant “Revelation” for Crosstown Rebels earlier in the year. We caught up with the legendary techno purveyor and asked him to talk up five of his tracks of the moment.

1. Dave Angel – “Scorpion” (Bedrock)
I’ve been getting a lot a good feedback on this record and such a buzz whenever I’ve played it out this year. The intense buildup just makes the crowd go nuts, so thankfully job done! I named the EP after referencing one of the great fights of Greek mythology.

2. Daniel Stefanik – “I Wonder” (Cocoon)
This track is a really, really, special one from Sven’s label, Cocoon. It has an old-school hypnotic trance-techno vibe about it. It’s going to be in my DJ sets for a while that’s for sure!

3. Dave Angel – “Orion” (Bedrock)
“Orion” is the second track on my latest EP out now on Bedrock Records. It’s bouncy, blippy and has bags of attitude. I had to put some additional work into this one, because I wasn’t happy with how I arranged it first time round, but now it’s working a treat!

4. Miguel Bastida – “Soul Reactions” (Suara)
Oh man, what a tune! This one really gets me going, another hypnotic twisted tune that is chunky, melodic and just rude on the dance floor!

5. Traumer – “Cyclo” (Herzblut)
This one’s been doing the rounds for me for a while now. I’ve incorporated it into my live set with a Roland TR-8 and Ableton because it’s such a banger — it builds and builds and basically blows the roof off! A stone cold classic!

Darren Ressler

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