JD Samson’s 5 Tracks & Artists of the Moment

MEN-JD Samson

Known for her groundbreaking work as a member of indie bands Le Tigre and MEN, JD Samson has been killing it as a DJ/producer/remixer over the past few years, collaborating with the likes of French house maestro Yuksek and presenting her free PAT dance party at Union Pool in Brooklyn.

Currently helming the Atlas Chair label with Inge Colsen (if you don’t know Baby Alpaca, then you betta ask somebody), writing music with Pussy Riot and working on several projects which she describes as “incredible” set to be unveiled in the new year, Samson somehow found time to present one more PAT party before we closed the books on 2014.

We checked in with Samson and asked her to talk up the five artists and tracks she’s living for at the moment.

JD Samson plays PAT at Union Pool in Brooklyn, NY on December 18 along with Michael Magnan, Roze Royze, Amber Valentine, Lifepartner and Tami Hart. More event details can be found here.

1. Bottoms
LOVE THIS BAND SO MUCH I’M PUTTING OUT THEIR RECORD! This song is the epitome of queer bodies in our time. Dirty dancing abounds.

2. Missing Linkx
Really into Missing Linkx from Germany. Their tracks have been giving me all kinds of life this year.

3. DJ Nita
My favorite remix ever made by my friend DJ Nita (PAT DJ).

4. Lloydski
Love this track by Lloydski. Super fun disco feels for the winter. Can’t wait to get him into the Pool for PAT.

5. Lauren Flax feat. Kim Ann Foxman – Pleasure Principle (Eli Escobar Remix)
Wonderful collab by three family members: Lauren Flax, Eli Escobar and Kim Ann Foxman. All PAT DJS!

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