Sydney Blu’s Top 5 Artists of the Moment

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Canadian DJ/producer/BLU Music proprietor Sydney Blu is getting ready to take on 2015 in a big way. Known for high-octane electro productions and DJ sets, which regularly bring her to clubs all over the world, the L.A.-based Blu is about to show the world another side of her musical personality later this month when she presents “My Neighbors Hate Me.”

Culled from her upcoming full-length debut due out in the new year, the songs finds Blu going her deepest and techiest.

Before dropping her new jam and embarking on a string of year-end DJ dates, we checked in with Ms. Blu and asked her to share her five favorite artists of the moment.

Sydney Blu’s “My Neighbors Hate Me” is released November 24, 2014 on Black Hole Recordings. Catch her at Steam in Miami on November 28, Vessel in San Francisco on December 4 and The BLU Party at Bespoke in Calgary, Canada, on December 11.

1. Hot Since 82
Hot Since 82 has written some of my favorite music of the past two years. His new album, Knee Deep in Sound, is no exception, and I was so excited to hear that two old friends of mine, The Scumfrog and Exacta, were going to be on it. Great compilation.

2. Art Department
I listened to their new album last night from beginning to end and it’s really amazing. Props to these guys for sticking with their guts and creating their own sound that so many people have followed…and I’m biased because they’re my hometown friends.

3. Pleasurekraft & Jaceo
The tech-house records these guys have been putting out in the past year are one word: FIRE. Very original and always chugging, they have definitely created their own place in the tech-house world, definitely adding their own originality. I’m also biased because Jaceo is a friend of mine who I used to write music with, and it’s nice to see him kicking ass. Their track “One Last High” is amazing.

4 Nathan Barato
Another person I’m biased of because he is a great friend also from Toronto. His music this year, however, has spoken for itself and I’m super proud of him. This remix of Filthy Rich’s “Rendezvous” is one of my favorites…but there is so much more music from this guy. Check his whole SoundCloud out if you haven’t.

5. Luxxury
The Scumfrog introduced me to this guy with this Slow Edit mixtape he created of all his own edits to songs like The Eagles’ “Hotel California,” “Jolene”
by Dolly Parton, Blondie’s “Rapture,” Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” and more. I became so obsessed with this mix for a time last year and then it got taken down when SoundCloud started cracking down on all its legalities. It was recently put up again, and I highly recommend you drink a bottle of wine while listening to it.

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