Cera Alba’s Top 5 Tracks of the Moment

cera alba

London housemeister Cera Alba has been coming on strong in recent years. With releases on Moon Harbour, Viva Music, Hot Creations and Gruuv, he’s been lighting dance floor ablaze with his intoxicating sound that continues to mature.

Currently riding high on his acclaimed Synthetic Artistry EP issued on Steve Lawler’s aforementioned Viva imprint, tonight Alba makes a much-antipcated pilgrimage to New York City, headlining a party for Sheik ‘N’ Beik in Union Square.

Just before he boarded a flight bound for the Big Apple, Alba shared five of his favorite tunes of the moment. Who knows, he just might drop some of them tonight.

1. Ross Evans – “This Is Carcosa”
This track is the perfect club tech roller. The bassline is addictive, only to be spaced out by the lead synth stabs.

2. DVS1 – “Black Russian”
DVS1 is a huge name in the Berlin techno scene, and this track demonstrates why. It’s unbelievably powerful yet romantically melodic.

3. AND.ID – “Erotica” (Subb-an Terrace Remix)
Subb-an has been carving these gems out for years. A great blend of roller tech with a leading minimal loop just does it for the dance floor.

4. Cera Alba – “The Limit”
Perhaps the most understated track from my Viva Music EP. Its solid roll has made it a favorite by house legend Dennis Ferrer.

5. Seven Davis Jr – “One”
Seven Davis has quietly been making a name for himself in modern soulful house, and this track personifies why. Great piece of music full of vibe.

Sheik-N-Beik party

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