Big Shot Guest Mix: Boom Merchant

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Born in Ireland, raised in Spain and currently living in Glasgow, Scotland, rising DJ/producer Boom Merchant (a.k.a Kyle Thompson) has been carving a niche for himself with his eclectic sets and top-notch productions. In June he released the gorgeous techno opus “Stars” and the chugging house jam “Green Symphony” on Tribal Pulse and has plenty more irons in the fire.

On his 12-track Big Shot Guest Mix, he peppers in choice cuts from Ricardo Tobar, Pe & Ban, Johnny Kaos and Shin Nishimura — it’s a sonic testament to his diverse, ever-expanding sound. He carefully includes his aforementioned tracks along with his “Elelphant’s Graveyard,” an older nugget released by Process Recordings.

“I think my aim when making this mix was to capture a good cross section of all the vibes and flavours that I love and that I like to focus on when I DJ,” the Merchant says of the session. “I want to take people on a journey and throw sounds at them that will scoop them up and take them somewhere. I want to excite them and make them feel good!

“The mix starts off atmospheric and then runs through a series of structured, high energy tracks that jump between tough minimal beats and more layered, harmonic stuff. I’ve included a lot of my own music alongside some of my absolute favourite tracks. I love to combine my own ideas with tracks I’ve found in record stores all over the place or stuff I’ve been sent online. There’s music from all over the world in here; hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I have.”

Sit back, relax and crank this bad boy up.

Big Shot Guest Mix: Boom Merchant by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

Big Shot Guest Mix: Boom Merchant

1. Ricardo Tobar – “Garden” (Desire)
2. Amber Long, Robert Mason – “Eggshells” (Kastis Torrau & Arnas D Remix) (Stripped)
3. Sonic Union & Khen – “Driven By Demand” (Tribal Pulse – Forthcoming)
4. Boom Merchant – “Green Symphony” (Tribal Pulse)
5. Boom Merchant – “Elephant’s Graveyard” (Process)
6. Pe & Ban – “Ibiza From Hell” (Naked Lunch)
7. Hermanez – “Ayahuasca (Edit 1)” (Aella Music)
8. Johnny Kaos – “Metallik” (Amazing)
9. Shin Nishimura – “IP28 6SW” (Go Hiyama Remix) (Plus)
10. Faculty X – “Observer” (That World) (Superbra)
11. Boom Merchant – “Origins” (Teleskopik)
12. Boom Merchant – “Stars” (Tribal Pulse)

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