Rich Thair of Red Snapper’s 5 Songs of the Moment on SoundCloud

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Revered British band Red Snapper have been pushing boundaries as a trio and on individual ventures since the early ’90s. During a career that’s seen them issue several choice albums for Warp to performing all over the place, they’ve remained staunchly independent while never compromising one note of their music. May is a big month for the outfit. In advance of the September 7 release of their seventh album, Hyena, on Lo Recordings, they will issue The Card Trick EP on May 26 featuring remixes from Auntie Flo, Tici Taci and Rich Thair. Red Snapper, who are famous for their captivating live shows, will perform with a full band on May 24 at Scala in London on a killer bill featuring Venetian Snares and Luke Vibert. Before they take on May in a big way, Red Snapper’s Rich Thair shared with us his five favorite artists of the moment on SoundCloud.

1. Mop Mop – “Let I Go” ft Anthony Joseph (Clap! Clap! Remix)
This is fantastic and very representative of the whole future Afro/bass thing that’s been going on for a while. It’s very much where my heart has always been since I first went to The Whirly Gig nights in ’80s London: dark, tribal and futuristic. As a drummer and percussionist I’m constantly excited by new producers’ approaches to blending organic and electronic beats as that has always been what Red Snapper has been about. This is haunting and beautiful. Clap! Clap! is releasing some great music, and Black Acre is a fantastic label.

2. Flies+Flies – “Bad Crab Hand”
I really like this band. Once again an intelligent and subtle combination of organic and electronic instruments with fantastic production. The vocals are great and drum machines with cello do it for me every time. Watch this band, they are great live and I can’t wait for their first album.

3. Evian Christ – “Waterfall”
Tearing sound terrorism from a brilliant producer. The industrial dancehall beat gets me every time, the arrangement is spot on and the drop is beautiful. This is as much soundtrack material as it is a dance floor ripper and a great reminder that us aging producers who have been lucky enough to chisel a lengthy music career must keep looking over our shoulders and sharing new music. Tri Angle is a great label.

4. Romare – “Jimmy”
A great producer who has created an Afro blues sound all of his own, his first two EPs on Black Acre are a must. He manages to weave in and out of different beats and musical styles effortlessly and he has already created his own production stamp of quality, he’s raising the bar for us all. Again, the first album will be a killer. Loving the lion!

5. Jonwayne – “The Desert” feat. Oliver The 2nd
Emotive and soulful, I love this fella and this live action is really special. There is a real Sergio Leone feel to the music and I’m loving drumming along to this. Two hip-hop greats working together, so much of what they have done is real quality. Let’s hope they keep it coming!

Darren Ressler

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