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French phenom Antoine Garcin is Acumen, a tour de force who DJs, produces and is the co-proprietor of Time Has Changed Records along with Timid Boy. In between releasing tracks on Get Physical and Diynamic, he’s helped define a deep, moody tech-house signature for himself and his imprint. In May Garcin will launch a new label on his own, Thrill of It, whose mission is to make music that “leaves a lasting impression.” His four-track Crush EP will serve as ToI’s first release and is complimented by reworkings from rising star Danton Eeprom (“Crush”) and French duo Villanova (“Follow Yourself”). We asked this music-obsessed maestro to share his current go-to tracks on SoundCloud, and he happily complied.

1. David August
David August is certainly one of my favorite producers, a Nicolas Jaar with less ego! I am completely fascinated by his music, even more so because he’s doing it all at such a young age. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to even distinguish or comprehend what he’s doing, and he makes it difficult for me to return to the studio and make music! His edit of the Beatles “Come Together” is an amazing piece of music.

2. Time Has Changed Records
Time Has Changed is my baby, the label I founded in 2007. I’m pretty proud of what it’s become, and it’s definitely up there with France’s contemporary house music labels — something I couldn’t have even fathomed when I first started it. It allowed me to unearth so many great DJs and producers, a really positive thing for sure.

3. ADA
ADA is a kind of muse. I have basically learned the art of music through her first productions. “Luckycharm” on Areal is still one of my favorite anthems. The way she produces, the melodies, they’re just incredible. It touches me like no other musician. But she’s never accepted a remix from me! So ADA, if you’re reading…get in touch.

4. Mattias Meyer
Matthias recently did a remix for a track of mine called “Between the Lines,” which got to number three on the Groove charts — an incredible success for us. Matthias isn’t just a superb producer, he’s a super humble guy and a good friend, too. And that’s not something you can say for everyone in this scene, so for reason mentioned I hope to one day work with him again. He is very attached to his music and is a big lover of different instruments.

5. Villanova
Villanova is, for me at least, the future of the French electronic scene. It’s far from the “French touch” or any other genre, but they have a real touch — something you can easily recognize. Maybe that’s because they drink a lot of absinthe…[laughs] no, I’m just joking! In any case, they’ve done a remix for my new label, Thrill of It, which is absolutely crazy and awesome…a duo to follow no doubt about it.

Acumen’s new label, Thrill of It, launches in May courtesy of Acumen’s Crush EP, which comes with remixes by Danton Eeprom and Villanova.

Darren Ressler

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