NASA Astronaut To DJ in Space

DJ culture will finally venture into space when NASA astronaut Joe Acaba becomes the first person to DJ in the International Space Station. Acaba, a fan of classic rock, will host a two-hour special radio broadcast on the Internet radio station Third Rock Radio while aboard the International Space Station, 240 miles above Earth. The Joe Show: New Rock from Space will debut at 4 pm EDT, Friday, August 3. Acaba’s show will feature anecdotes of Acaba’s experiences aboard the orbiting laboratory “while presenting new rock to listeners around the world.”

Obligatory press release gush from Acaba: “I’m excited to be the first astronaut to DJ from space on Third Rock Radio. From the recordings launched aboard the Voyager spacecraft to the wakeup songs on shuttle missions, NASA and music have a long history together. As a former educator, I also appreciate the strong links between music and math, one of the core STEM components that is so critical to my work as an astronaut.”

Darren Ressler

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