Pioneer DJ Launches First Touch-Screen, USB-Only Player


Live DJing just got a whole lot more futuristic with Pioneer’s new XDJ-1000. The first Pioneer DJ player without a CD drive, the XDJ-1000 meets the frequent demands for a USB-only drive that matches the performance of previous CD-based models. The large, full-color LCD touch-screen now makes DJing more intuitive then ever with all of the necessary elements right at your fingertips, with a 7-inch touch screen which allows for optimal browsing and execution. Inheriting many of the essential elements from the CDJ-2000 NXS, such as the 206 jog wheel, slip mode, quantize, and beat sync, this new model is the first ever touch-screen DJ platform — basically, this thing is the kind of device you would have seen in The Fifth Element.

In addition to all those nuances and top gear features, the DJ also comes with a free download of rekordbox, is fully MIDI compatible, and is Serato DJ HID support planned for late 2014.

Watch the XDJ-1000 in action below.