TV On The Radio / Dear Science (Interscope)

Hype can build a band up as quickly as it can tear it down. When TV On The Radio were plucked from the indie rock world, they dug deep and cajoled their fusion of guitars, electronics and honest songwriting into sculpting 2006’s fantastic major label debut, Return to Cookie Mountain (the band’s third overall). After silencing any doubters (there were few), the Brooklyn based band has continued to hone their affable, heady and highly melodic style, whether live or via their multitude of collaborations (guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Dave Sitek produced Scarlett Johnanson’s recent labum). Dear Science TVOTR’s once again juggling several genres—pop, R&B and electrinic—though they’re careful to glean only the elements for their purpose built songs. The swirling strings and delicate piano heard on “Family Tree” are majestic and cinematic, while “Halfway Home” conjures up the singular backbeat heard on any Joy Division tune. Where some bands run out of ideas after a few albums, TV On The Radio seem well in control of their musical destiny. Darren Ressler

File Under: Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Pere Ubu