Album Review: Dosem / ‘Origin’ (Tronic)

Dosem Origin Tronic


Chill out, get on the floor, sit back down and relax, move some more, and so on. Dance music, and life, made simple. Dosem, whose name is only part pro-tranquilizing instruction, arranges swirling interludes and club prescriptions so focussed and straight up and down, it’ll be a schedule you’ll be shaping your Saturday nights around time and again.

Nice and funky with a calming influence (the weekend readier “A Modern Ritual,” “Black Unicorn” going deeper with immersive strength to swoon to), there’s no need for vocal flash cards. Observing the do-nots of EDM, it’s as if Marc Ramirez recognizes clubbers’ intelligence and spares the coaching on having a good time. In a down-to-earth dance floor set, the Spaniard takes to the booth, mind strictly on the job, and leaves a calling card of fundamental, fully loaded grooving, sultry by its tacit encouragement of winding waistlines. On top of that, swells of euphoria are brought to simmer (“Origin”), and Dosem’s available to dish dirt (the bitter acid of “Vesier”) as well.

Addressing the album’s two-part makeup, re-shuffle the downtempo cuts, anchored by the dubby headswims of “Rooftop Party” and “Future Noir,” and the club tunes, into mini collections, and both are complementary. Though Dosem does most of his work in the club, the need to kick back without it being a distraction is like he’s been told so by a personal trainer, taking care of your dancing feet in both directions.

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