Tel Aviv-Berlin DJ Exchange Salutes 50-Year Relationship


Germany and Israel have been on friendly footing since 1965, with a rich relationship that has grown consistently stronger over the years, leaving the dark, distant past of Jewish-German relations far behind. There are all sorts of cultural and political indicators of this fact, but when the DJs get involved, that’s when you know it’s for real. Accordingly, on August 27 the creative hotspots of Berlin and Tel Aviv will be having a targeted cultural exchange to celebrate 50 years of friendship between the two cities.

The event is called Charles Alma, named for the two clubs taking part in the international swap. On the designated day, Kuli Alma in Tel Aviv will play host to the German hip-hop DJ duo The Beathoavenz (pictured). At the same time, the Prince Charles club in Berlin will offer up its hospitality to Tel Aviv’s Yarin Lidor and Nadav Neeman. DRadio Wissen in Germany and Kol Israel 88FM will broadcast the simultaneous performances, spreading the vibes of international brotherhood even further.

In an article about the event, Kuli Alma co-owner Jonathan Lipitz says, “This is the new world. You don’t need a tie or a suit to be an ambassador. You just have to represent a place and go abroad, and watch as a relationship gets stronger and closer.”