Suara and Sankeys Ibiza Cut Ties


Looks like there’s trouble in paradise. A conflict between Sankeys Ibiza and the Barcelona label Suara has gone public in a very he-said-she-said sort of way. Suara has been hosting a Friday night residency at the club, but now they’ve issued a statement declaring that “It’s been a very tough couple of months working with Sankeys Ibiza and we’ve had to suffer all kinds of difficulties generated by the club’s management. Even though it’s the club’s duty to take the project forward we have found a constant breach of contract leading to the consequent lack of respect towards our artists and team members.”

The statement goes on to say that  “Despite our expressed willingness to continue, Sankeys Ibiza’s one-sided decision not to continue holding our events also implies a lack of respect for the public attending them, our dedicated fans and followers.”

On the other side of the fence, the club has claimed that the Suara events weren’t pulling in enough people, and when Sankeys demanded the residency’s remaining nights be moved to a smaller space in the venue, Suara willingly breached the contract themselves to end the arrangement.

So who should you believe? Well, if you’re up for a little unrelated corroboration of Sankeys’ inherent orneriness, DJ Darius Syrossian recently ended his relationship with the club for allegedly overselling his shows and mistreating his fans on a consistent basis. Clubland…it’s a jungle.