Spec. 5 Tracks of the Moment



German producer Timm Ewest (a.k.a. Spec.) flipped the script last year when he released The Infamous Album on his Infamous Tracks label, an electronic-music LP built on the original samples Havoc from Mobb Deep used on the legendary Queensbridge duo’s seminal 1995 album The Infamous. (Listen to Spec.’s fiery tech-house cut “The Realness” here.)

Ahead of what will no doubt be another year of musical innovation from Ewest, who just released the single “Black Cocaine” and has assorted DJ appearances on the horizon, we asked him to select his five biggest tracks of the moment.

Ronnie Spiterie – “Underwater”
I normally play in techno clubs and this track has more a rollin’ bassline. It brings back the groove on the dance floor before I start to play songs that go harder. De Dud dud da duhhh. Shit, this groove is crazy.

Raphael Dincsoy – “Born Bad”
Raphael is a pothead like me. Born bad, what else?

Raffaele Rizzi – “Make Me Feel Alright”
I like to play this song to give the people a good feeling when the E hits their minds. Perfect after-hours opening song.

Yan Cook – “Pauk”
Bass. I say baaaasssss … No more words needed.

Chicago Loop – “You Touch Me
I’ve got so many songs from this crazy producer. This one I played a lot last year.