2017 Rewind: Sandy Turnbull

Sandy Turnbull

How was 2017 for you?
Sandy Turnbull: 2017 was brilliant. My label, Galleria, has grown with more releases than any other year. I decided to do some remixes which isn’t something that interested me before. That decision was helped by how amazing the original records were. I was also asked to jump in and host an already established radio show The Filter with Kenny Jaeger on D3EP Radio, which I’ve loved doing.

A couple are my remix of “Feel Alive” by Christian B and Lavvy Levan being picked up by Defected for their Ibiza 2017 compilation. Working with Skydoll on another remix. The Skydoll guys are ridiculously talented and bring something different to the table, it was a pleasure to work with them.

No real lowlights that stick out for me this year that would make an interesting story.

Song of the year?
NYRA’s “Sisco Visco” on Canoe

What’s your New Year¹s resolution?
To work with even more songwriters, singers and not lose stuff as much (I’m terrible for that).

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Sandy Turnbull 5 Tracks of The Moment


Dance music is mainstream in America and elsewhere, but this wasn’t always the case. At the height of the “disco sucks” movement a publicity starved Chicago radio DJ named Steve Dahl invited baseball fans attending a night double-header between the White Sox and Detroit Tigers on July 12, 1979 to bring disco albums for Disco Demolition Night. In between games, he blew the albums up with fireworks and things quickly got out of hand. This bit of history serves as the backdrop for the title track of UK-based house music journeyman Sandy Turnbull’s At Comisky Park EP featuring a sample of someone recalling the notorious event, noting how what was essentially the final nail in disco’s coffin sent the music into the underground.

Over the course of a career that’s seen him release records on labels including Soulfuric Deep, Look At You and Heavy, Turnbull, who runs Galleria Records, has steered clear of musical trends and fads, staying true to the ethos of house music. With his new EP receiving props from icons such as Tony Humphries and Mark Farina, we checked in with the man himself and asked him about five six records he’s loving at the moment. Continue Reading