Compilation Review: ‘San City High All Stars, mixed by Kissy Sell Out’ (San City High)

San City High ALL STARS


Kissy Sell Out sells you the colorful calisthenics of hyper-synthed electro-house aiming to go heavy on the B-lines and give trouble to the treble. The All Stars tag is an underestimation, it’s more a Justice League of bass at his disposal that takes up the mantle of his Wild Romance LP and goes even further by adding dubstep give-and-take, rave redemption, fidget basics and Dutch house on a surging 28-tracks.

It’s a close run thing as to whether the mix is totally up-for-it or nothing more than headless. Breakdowns jump out of airplanes until speakers are left slurping beats through straws, on a rave travelling at speed through a hypercolor carwash, with sideshows of wobble-boards and didgeridoos being electrocuted, or on in the case of Jack Beats’ remix of KSS’s “This Kiss,” a cuckoo clock having a psychopathic episode. When the tempo slows a notch, the All Stars clutch onto the sides as if seasick, also meaning the mixing is only 99% perfect. But in full effect, the 4×4 runs are damaging in anyone’s book. Once the squeakiness of KSS’ “Moombah Car!” has cut through ears like a candy-topped cutlass and Tom Piper collabo “Side Winder” has ripped apart the old Benni Benassi synth-bass standard, “Under Arrest” with The Midi Mafia, Eats Everything remixing Hot Pink Delorean, and “Gimme Sin” drubbing a toytown riff, run riot with highlighter pen through KSS’ bass glossary.

File under: Herve, His Majesty Andre, Laidback Luke