Big Shot Guest Mix: Rennie Foster


Vancouver, B.C.-based house journeyman Rennie Foster has been there and done that over the span of his amazing career.

He’s released choice cuts on top labels (Transmat, Motech, Subject Detroit, F-Communications and Synewave NYC), while consistently presenting bespoke underground tracks on his RF Music imprint.

On Foster’s exclusive Big Shot Guest Mix, he embraces his shoot-from-the-hip DJ mentality, presenting a thoughtful selection of music from his spiritual home (Detroit) and current home base (Vancouver)

“This mix, like all my mixes, is an improvised effort,” Foster says. “I don’t plan out mixes generally, and usually do them in one take, as is the case with this one. I feel like my live DJing is more technical, as I can take more chances and be more loose with the flow. I try my best to keep some of that spontaneity in tact on a recording by doing mixes I haven’t done before, and I find smoking some weed helps too.”

“I always include some local music from wherever I am living as well,” adds Foster, who made a name for himself in Japan while living there for many years.

“Currently I am in Vancouver, so I went with the inclusion of some music by Max Ulis and JGarrett. I also have many of my music homies in this mix, like Chris Mitchell, Claude Young, DJ Roach, etc., because my people are making the sickest music right now, and without the approval or assistance of the usual brands and media. I play music I believe in made by real artists with something to say.”

A re-release of Rennie’s Foster’s “Belladonna” and his brand-new cut “Venture” are out now on RF Music. Foster plays the Welcome To Detroit International Vinyl Party at Menjos, on a bill featuring Alexander Robotnick, on May 20, 2015.

Big Shot Guest Mix: Rennie Foster by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

Big Shot Guest Mix: Rennie Foster

  1. Jay Denham – “The World Is A Ghetto”
  2. Detroit – “Deepression”
  3. Claude Young – “Sacrifices”
  4. Aux 88 feat. Missy Motion – “Soul Of Black”
  5. Rennie Foster – “Floatilla”
  6. Chris Mitchell – “Exile V2”
  7. Max Ulis x Dean Grangier – “The Face You Wear Is Not Your Own”
  8. DJ Spider – “Mind Field”
  9. Human Robot – “High Definition”
  10. A Sagittariun – “The Mojo Odyssey”
  11. JGarrett – “Waterworks”
  12. The Analog Roland Orchestra – “Pattern Four”
  13. Keith Worthy – “Jazz”
  14. DJ Roach – “El Funk Verde”
  15. DJ Roach – “Todo La Noche”
  16. Rennie Foster – “Soda Cracker”
  17. Octave – “Mod 1”
  18. Rennie Foster – “Soda Cracker” (Hooka Dooka Vox)

Top image by Mark Oxley