Psychemagik Slip Into A New York State of Mind


Cosmic UK dance duo Psychemagik — Danny McLewin and Tom Coveney — are known for burning the creative candle at both ends. As producers, not only are their remixing skills beyond reproach but their edits are absolutely legendary. They’re also gifted DJs who’ve been known to rock parties harder than a hurricane by digging deep in their proverbial crates. Currently in the midst of a string of U.S. dates, we caught up with the funk phenomenons before their gig in New York City and asked them about all things related to New York City.

Psychemagik play Fixed’s party at Le Poisson Rouge along with Joakim (live) on May 15.

You’ve both been jetting around the world a lot in recent months. What’s been the most memorable gig so far and why?
San Francisco at Monarch on this tour was incredible. We have a family of amazing friends there and it’s always so much fun.

On May 15 you’re playing Le Poisson Rouge in New York. What are your sets like at the moment and what can fans expect from the show? Will you be dropping any new releases?
We always mix it up with some of our edits and mixes and a bunch of old classics and new house jams. We’ll be playing some of our new tracks from our upcoming edits label Hot Midnight for sure.

What have been your experiences playing in NYC?
The first gig was at Glasslands in Brooklyn and it was incredible. We opened our set with the Rub N Tug remix of the Beastie Boys’ “An Open Letter to NYC,” and the crowd went ballistic. It was insane and such an epic NYC moment.

Who is your all-time favorite NYC DJ?
Eric Duncan

Who is your favorite all-time favorite NYC producer/editor?
DJ Premier

Favorite film about or based in NYC?
A toss up between King of New York and Style Wars.

If there was an era you could’ve lived in NYC, which one would it be and why?
I think late ’70s when hip-hop was emerging out of disco and graffiti was starting out would have been an amazing time to be there

Any final thoughts about NYC?
It’s an amazing city. You couldn’t see all of NYC in a lifetime if you tried.