Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas / II (Eskimo)


Kings of Oslo’s late-night space disco vibes and proprietor of all things funky, this duo has returned with their heavily anticipated second album.

Mixing together the best of both organic and synthetic sounds into jams that shuttle the listener off into space, these tracks use live guitar, Latin percussive bits and massive synth lines alike. Built more as a sunrise session or a lazy afternoon in the park, the low BPM range and heady breaks/builds make for a super trippy time. Incredibly lush psychedelic grooves with a loose relaxed feel prove that these guys understand the power a hypnotic mix can have. If Pink Floyd met Bootsy Collins you would only be half way there, as the effects and technology used throughout the productions would blow the minds of our tripped-out forefathers. An experimental jam-session-approach to the arrangements remains a constant theme, while arpeggiated basslines, cinematic melodies and brave mixes also play key parts. This post-disco, space-fused, funk collaboration will be remembered as a defining installation for a new genre of electronic music.

File under: Woolfy, LCD Soundsystem, Yes