5 Classic Bobby Konders Deep House Excursions

Back when George H.W. Bush was in office Brooklyn DJ/producer Bobby Konders was crafting house music that was as deep as the Atlantic Ocean. Recording for NYC labels like Nu Groove while holding down a popular mix show on WBLS (listen to one of his vintage late-night mixes from 1990 here), Konders’ subterranean creations were the soundtrack for afterhours consumption. Konders gradually made the shift to spinning and producing reggae/dancehall music full-time (for years he’s been considered to be one of the best purveyors of the sound) and currently helms a radio show on Hot 97 while performing all over the world. Although Konders has been on a different musical path for some time now, watching Dan Bruun’s excellent Forgotten Treasure documentary about Konders (which curiously didn’t touch on Konders’ house days) reminded us how influential he is as a house hero. Here we present five essential Konders house classics from back in the day that deserve your attention.

1. Bobby Konders feat. Mutabaruka – “The Poem”
Melding one of the most memorable bass lines ever produced and forging it with a generous sampling of Jamaican Rastafarian dub poet Mutabaruka’s hard-hitting social commentary, “The Poem” was revolutionary for many reasons.

2. Bobby Konders – “Nervous Acid”
A funky stormer from Konders with a b-line that goes squelchy and blippy, this sweeping acid track is still a perfect 3am listening. Cool fact: Peter Daou played engineered and keyboards on this song.

3. Bobby Konders – “Let There Be House”
One of Konders’ best uptempo numbers from his Nu Groove days features a wicked beat and a sample of The Creator’s same named “Let There Be House.”

4. Bobby Konders – “Massai Women”
Another gem off Konders’ House Rhythms EP packing a percolating tribal groove. “Massai Women” shows yet another side of his deep-house mastery.

5. Bobby Konders – “The Future”
“The Future” embodies the essence of Konders’ work from 1987-1992: rolling bassline, crisp beats and a soulful piano part performed by Peter Daou. Deep house doesn’t come any better than this gem.

Image via Last.FM