Did Black Eyed Peas Steal Adam Freeland’s Track?

Fresh from their recent fisticuffs with blogger Perez Hilton, a new controversy is brewing for pop group Black Eyed Peas. DJ/producer Adam Freeland, whose Freeland project recently released COPE™ — which features cameos by Tommy Lee, Twiggy Ramirez of Marilyn Manson, Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago, and Devo’s Gerald V. Casale — claims that his track “Mancry” is used prominently in the Peas’ dance anthem “Party All the Time.”

While he hasn’t filed a lawsuit (yet), Freeland has tweeted about the matter:

“OK. Check this. Listen to our song ‘Mancry.’ Now listen to Black Eyed Peas ‘Party all the time.’ WTF!”

What do you think?