Other Music Will Close Its Doors

 Other Music NYC

It’s the end of an era as downtown New York City loses one of its longest-running record stores still in operation. When Other Music opened in 1995 it was, as its name indicates, an alternative on multiple levels. The small-but-savvy shop was located right across the street from the behemoth Tower Records on W. 4th St. and was packed to the gills with non-mainstream music of all kinds, both old and new. From underground techno to ’60s psychedelia and genres that don’t even have a name, if it was esoteric and intriguing, odds were you could find it at Other Music. Until now, that is.

Citing familiar specters like rising rents and the tanking sales of physical music, co-owner Josh Madell announced plans to shut down both the store and Other Music’s mail order business on June 25. After Tower Records went belly up in 2006, it seemed like David had slain Goliath, and that remained the case for another decade, but even Other Music isn’t immune to the disturbing trends befalling both New York real estate and the music industry. For anyone with an inclination to pay their respects before the final curtain falls, there will be some special events under its roof, so keep an eye on their website.