Z-Trip in Kuwait: Trapped in the MySpace Surreal Life


Z-Trip, godfather of the modern mash-up, will follow in the footsteps of Bob Hope by bringing a little bit of America to our soldiers in the Middle East. Unfortunately for the Arizona-based DJ, he appears to be the only non-hasbeen on the bill, which features a lineup that largely looks like the musical equivalent of an episode of The Surreal Life. In this case, the roles of host Dave Coulier and show participants Shannon Tweed, a Baldwin that is not Alec, Willie Aames, and Jessica Simpson will be played by Carlos Mencia, The Pussycat Dolls, Filter, Disturbed, and Jessica Simpson (as herself), respectively. Alternative rock nostalgists and fans of bad comedy, pop, tits, nu metal alike will be in their glory.

How did this lineup come together?

Z-Trip: MySpace approached me about appearing, and they said they really wanted me there. I was on a very short list of DJs, they told me, and I’m one of the first [DJs] who have done this. I oppose the war and I oppose all of the people who got us there, but I am a supporter of the people in the military. I have lots of friends and family there and a lot of friends of family, so that wasn’t a hard decision.

That wasn’t a complicated decision to make for you in the light of your feelings about the war?

I approached Henry Rollins [through Shepard Fairey] and Chuck D because I wanted to talk with other people who had been in the same situation. I grew up listening to [Public Enemy] and rallying behind punk and protest music. I had to call on these people and get their blessing, and find out what their thoughts on me going over there was. They told me that it isn’t about the policies or the people who put us there; it is about the people who are there, and they’re right. They’re totally right. I had to take myself out of my beliefs and head out for them.

What do you perceive your military fanbase is like?

There are plenty of people in the military who knows what I do and plenty of folks who are aspiring DJs. For those who don’t know about me, in any situation like this, if people don’t know me, I just go out there and fucking plan on smashing them over the head with shit I have been mixing. Nine times out of ten that works, especially for those who don’t know what to expect. I think they leave and appreciate it.

I am just hoping to get schooled over there. I want to get over there and learn that this is what goes on there and that its something wholly different from what I expect or whatever. I’m going to be taking a journal over there. I’ll be taking photos. I just want to learn.