Download Guy Gerber’s ‘Who’s Stalking Who?’ LP For Free (With His Permission)


2013 is shaping up to be quite an excellent year for Guy Gerber. The Tel Aviv-based DJ/producer has taken on Ibiza with his Wisdom of the Glove Wednesday party at Pacha, and he’s been pushing his sound forward in a big way. Today Gerber dropped a free album — not a DJ mix or EP, an album – on his SoundCloud, and it’s deliriously good. The album features 11 slinky tracks and captures the vibe of his night on the White Isle featuring notable guests like Four Tet, Jamie XX and Mathew Jonson to close friends like dOP, Shaun Reeves and Bill Patrick. Props to Gerber for rewriting the rules for Ibiza and putting the music first and foremost.

Who’s Stalking Who? Tracklist

1. One Arm Man Blues (Intro) 00:31
2. The Night of the Glove 08:56
3. I Never Wandered Where Your Heart Beats 04:02
4. Disorientation (2013 Version) 04:06
5. 25 Stitches 04:54
6. Can I Borrow Your Knife 06:10
7. Sign Of The Times 04:40
8. Who’s Stalking Who? 05:52
9. Chaim- Blue Shadows (GG White Isle Remake) 08:47
10. Irma and Lynda Bang The Drums 05:52
11. Run Herman, Run (Outro) 02:06