Big Shot Guest Mix: Miss Jools


London born Miss Jools (a.k.a. Julia Porter) has been deep in the mix since the ’90s, working on the front lines back in the day as a record store buyer, radio host, club promoter and all around party rocker behind the decks. After finding success around 2006 with Sleeper Thief — a collaboration with Audiofly — she aligned herself with Anja Schneider and Ralf Kollmann’s mobilee imprint and eventually relocated to Berlin in 2009. Since then she has been carefully honing her tech-house/minimal production signature, one which is rooted in a less-is-more creative ethos when it comes to output.

In March Jools’ slinky, techy gem “Calima” was featured on Sol Asylum Volume 6, a three-track EP issued by the label run by kindred soul Julie Marghilano. After the EP’s release Jools took time off to recharge her creative batteries and is looking to get back into studio mode shortly.

In the meantime we were able to cajole Jools to helm the latest Big Shot Guest Mix, a nine-track affair knee-deep with stellar offerings from the likes of Patrice Scott, Claudia Amprimo, Alix Alvarez and Eddie Richards, which we’re happy to present to the world.

“I actually did this mix a month ago at my home,” Jools says. “It’s always a bit harder for me to do a mix at home and to be as inspired as much as I would be if I was recording it live in a club with a dance floor and a crowd in front of me to vibe off of, but I selected a few old tracks that are always in my record bag and mixed it up with some great new release that are floating my boat right now.”

What’s in store for Miss Jools this summer? Plenty.

“I will be doing a little US Sol Asylum tour the first two weeks of June and July will be my first time at the Garden Festival in Croatia, which I’m really looking forward to as I particularly love playing in Croatia and the party people there,” she says. “Sol Asylum will reside again at Club Der Visionare throughout the summer months so, yeah, I can’t wait for summer.”

Check out Miss Jools’ Big Shot Guest Mix below, and get a taste of what to expect during her upcoming summer gigs all over the world.

Big Shot Guest Mix: Miss Jools by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

Big Shot Guest Mix: Miss Jools

  1. Fred P feat. Solymar – “Soul Life Connection” (2010 Reshape) (Soul People Music)
  2. Patrice Scott – “Do You Feel Me” (Sistrum)
  3. Claudia Amprimo – “Mayu” (Tzinah)
  4. Alix Alvarez – “Boom Bip” (Soul Channel Music)
  5. Andrea Fiorito – “Give Yourself To Me” (Cynosure)
  6. Barac & Vincentiulian – “In Colour” (Moment)
  7. Eddie Richards – “Dream 2” (Orginal) (Storm)
  8. Adrian Niculae – “Raw Beats” (Motif)
  9. OdD – “Vortex” (Sol Asylum)