2019 Rewind: Michele Chiavarini

Michele Chiavarini

How was 2019 for you?
Michele Chiavarini: 2019 was indeed a very productive year. Although I have been mostly releasing remixes and not much of my own material, I have also been involved in many musical projects outside of dance music. For the most part, however, I have been working together with my partner, Fernanda Reis, on launching our label, SPRY Records. This has meant finishing many records in the various music styles that we will be releasing, ranging from soulful house, jazz house, gospel house and other genres outside house music. Many people I know have been waiting for this label for a very long time! We truly cherish the opportunity and we will definitely endeavor not to disappoint them.

As I am not a performing DJ, although I am working toward that too, my highlights are mostly associated with working in studio with fellow producers and musicians. For a big part of my career, I used to perform live as a musician. I then decided that I prefer the creative environment of the recording studio. This year I have travelled extensively, meeting some amazing musicians, singers and wonderful people in general. It has been extremely rewarding.

Then there is the first offering on our SPRY label called “Express Yourself” and it features a truly exceptional singer-songwriter from Alabama, Carmichael Musiclover. It was released on the 13th of December.

I see many fellow musicians and producers, talented people, struggling financially, because music sales are low (at least in the case of more specialist genres), streaming is dramatically underpaid, budgets are often non-existent, etc. We live in a time where the opportunities to share one’s music are truly endless. There are no barriers to entry, especially if you make popular music. I am not sure whether this devalues the work, but it certainly saturates the market, making music highly disposable. One truly needs to adapt and embrace change. Easier said than done.

Song of the Year?
Way too many to choose from! I shall go with Raquel Rodriguez’s “We Go Together (Joey Negro Club Mix).”

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
To make the best possible music that I can make.

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